Lumera Eye Serum

lumera-bottleLumera – Discover Ageless Beauty in a Bottle!

Discover the secret to eternal radiance with Lumera Eye Serum, modern day Fountain of Youth in a slender bottle! If the wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes make you feel forty instead of thirty, it’s time for Lumera Eye Serum to work its magic.

Thousands of consumers, worldwide, certainly seem to think so! Its age reversing formula includes clinically proven active ingredients that repair damaged cells, renew skin tissue, and rejuvenate loose skin for a fresh, youthful look. The ingredients work at the cellular level to reverse the signs of aging and give you a glorious, glowing complexion.

Lumera – Does it really work?

According to clinical research, Lumera eye serum repairs the dermal matrix of the skin by stimulating elastin and collagen to tone the skin and give it the desired firmness. The serum also targets skin cells to erase the visible signs of aging like spots, blemishes, fine lines,  dark circles, and sagging.  According to studies carried out at laboratories testing Lumera, over ninety percent of the participants who had undergone the trials gave the product excellent reviews having witnessed firsthand the prowess of the anti-aging serum in renewing skin and reversing the effects of aging.

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What are the benefits of Lumera?

Besides anti-aging, Lumera has many benefits and can be used as a daily cream that provides protection from the sun, dirt, pollution, and protects the skin from damage even with irregular sleeping and eating pattern. Your skin receives all the nourishment it requires from this wonder serum, with active ingredients that target the weak areas of the face and neck.

 Powerful benefits of Lumera Eye Serum include:

  • Reduces visible signs of aging like dark spots and skin blemishes
  • Prevents wrinkles from appearing
  • Stimulates collagen production for desired firmness
  • Renews the dermal matrix layer for a young look
  • Hydrates and moisturizes the skin

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How does Lumera work to restore youth and radiance to my skin?

The two powerful core ingredients, Gatuline and Pepha-Tight, work to restore the depleted dermal matrix layer to make sure that your skin is always taut and firm. The ingredients also foster the production of elastin and collagen to give you an even tone, clear complexion, and supple, moisturized skin. Gatuline, an active ingredient in the youth serum, is extracted from the Chinese plant Wu–Zhu–Yu (EvodiaRuteacarpa) and nourishes the lipid layers to impart color, luster, and an even tone to the skin. Pepha-Tight is an anti-oxidant that fosters the production of collagen to strengthen the connective tissue of the skin for firmness and tightness. The compound also erases wrinkles for smoother, softer, younger looking skin. Sweet Almond Oil, a central ingredient in the Lumera Eye serum, is a natural emollient that is easily absorbed into the skin and keeps it hydrated to prevent dryness, patchy skin, and an uneven tone. Grape Fruit extracts in the formula rejuvenates the skin for a saucy bounce even for individuals sufficiently advanced in age.

This extract is an anti-oxidant that keeps your complexion lovely and clear throughout the day. With this, age is only a number with Lumera Eye Serum that keeps you looking fresh and youthful through the years!

  • Recent studies recommend pairing Lumera with La Dermanique anti-aging formula as part of a two step complete anti-aging package. When both formulas are used daily, you will see maximum results and the best looking skin!

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